Up and Up

Happy Tuesday! Woot woot:) I have my days so mixed up. Working night shift last weekend and then starting back up on days less than 24 hours later left me rather confused. I was talking to one of the PA’s at work yesterday and thought it was Friday. Oops! I’m off today until 7pm, when I have computer training class for the new system we are getting at work. I have a Chiro appointment at 2:15pm, so I plan on giving you a full update on that situation after that appointment. Hopefully I will have good news:) It takes a solid 30 minutes to bike there and back so I’m going to lounge around for the remainder of the morning and relax, as I just got back from the gym and need to rest up for round two of exercise!

I’m feeling much better this week; I finally feel like I am on the up and up. I was at an all time low the past two weeks, and I finally feel like I am on the upswing. My face is no longer horrifying as the dermatitis is clearing up, and as much as I adore the color pink, I am glad it is no longer the color of my left eye:) I am feeling much healthier and happier. Life truly is made up of ups and downs, and you can’t let the downs keep you down for long! I’m so lucky to have such great people around me to help keep my spirits up and help me out during a rough patch:)


Last week I also read one of the most AMAZING blog posts ever. It couldn’t have been more well timed, and believe it is part of the reason I got my spirits back up so quickly. You can read that post HERE

Another reason I’m feeling good is that I finally found a CAR! Yes, after smashing my dear Civic (though I was never the biggest fan of the car but still) I have been searching for a new set of wheels (other than my new bike). I haven’t found much in my price range (under $5000) around here, but as luck would have it, my best friend John is selling his old Subaru Outback! The only snag is he lives in Chicago so I need to pay and have it shipped. But he sold it to me for a great price and with shipping included, should not go over my budget! I know he took great care of the car and I’m excited to have a new set of wheels. And I will NOT crash this one…..promise!😉

And lastly, one of the most amazing finds of my life occurred last week. Can we say, Walnut Butter? Or perhaps Pecan Butter?



And yes, they are as awesome as they sound and look! I also got a packet of coconut butter, but am unsure of what to eat it with. Suggestions?

And that my friends, is all I have for this morning. It’s an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in Wilmington and I am going to get some lunch ready and sit outside and enjoy the chirping birds and sunshine. I hope you feel somewhat updated and back into the crazy world of Karen:) I missed my regular blogging and am going to do my best to stay with it. And I promise to not write too many cry baby posts this coming weekend as the Boston Marathon comes and goes without me crossing that finish line. Everything happens for a reason, and although it sucks, as I sit here and type this, I feel like me not running Boston this year is exactly how things are supposed to be right now.

Weird. Enjoy your day friends:)


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